Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Week2 - Moratorium poster.

In 1969 The National Vietnam Moratorium was planned, in which a network of anti-war activisits joined together nationwide to hold a protest against the Vietnam war and America's engagement in South East Asia.
The protest was planned to take place on October the 5th 1969. It is estimated that over 30 million people in American took part in the demonstration and Universities all over America cancelled classes in adavance of this ,or were forced too close because of the sheer amount of students taking part in the protest.

And this poster by Jasper Johns is one of the most iconic of this time and 'become one of the most well known images of this period' What makes it a significant image is that is is a negative portrayal of the American flag, something that is not often shown, by such a partiotic country.

Johns was known for his patriotic pop art images of the American flag, so for him to choose to show the flag in this way signalled a change in American citezens attitude to their country and own government.

The red and white stripes are replaced by jungle camofaluge and instead black stripes are shown across the flag, black being a colour that has negative conotations. The stars are also blackened and the blue is replaced by a sickly toxic orange colour. And if you look closely you will notice white circle at the centre of the flag, which is there as a bullet hole.The flag has gone from being a symbol of power and strentgh to an ugly symbol of war and that is what makes it so signifcant of the time in which this poster was released.

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  1. It's also an optical illusion. If you stare at the white dot for 30 seconds or so, then move your eyes to look at a blank white wall you will see the red, white and blue afterimage of the flag.